History of the FICPFM


Established in 2011, the Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People and Families Movement (FICPFM) is a network of over 50 civil and human rights organizations led by policy experts, subject matter experts, organizers, thought-leaders, artists, healers and attorneys who also have conviction histories or are family members who are closely involved with people living with conviction histories. Grounded in the best traditions of racial justice and intersectional theory, we are the singular network built by and for people who have been impacted by the US punishment system.


Working collaboratively and with a profound commitment to transform society by transforming the US punishment system, our network of organizations advances legislative and judicial strategies, as well as public education campaigns designed not only to shift policy, but the very way people think about people who have been incarcerated. In the last decade alone, we have ensured voting rights in the Deep South where we have also elected progressive District Attorneys.

In multiple jurisdictions, our people have ended the shackling of pregnant women who are in custody and in labor, provided safe houses for several thousand people coming home from prison, banned the box in states across the country, opening the door for post-conviction relief, helped pass the largest criminal justice reform ever undertaken in the US, Proposition 47 in California, helped end long-term solitary confinement and in Alabama, we delivered a stunning blow to the Trump Administration when we helped elect Douglas Jones to the US Senate.  

Our collective work to make real the proposition of democracy is pushing back the dominant narrative that our humanity was less than any  We work in gratitude and with the certain knowledge that freedom is within our reach.

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